Why women cannot respect nice guys

In today’s world women are gaining ground and men are loosing ground even faster.

If a century ago women would lookup to men, admire them, respect them etc., in today’s world women shit test men everyday and men fail these tests more often then they should.

For you to understand why women cannot respect nice guys let’s imagine for a second that a girl comes to us and she is always super nice:

“Hey John, I like your haircut”

“Hey John, are you free tonight? No? Are you free tomorow night?”

“Hey John, I was thinking about your problem”

“Hey John, I bought food for the both of us”


You see? She is always there for you, even when you want to be left alone!

She is always waiting for you to finish whatever you are doing so that you can stay with her.

She is always thinking of your problems.


Now, how much value would you put on this girl?

I tell you right now -> NONE !

Her always being available makes the attraction go away.

You not having to do anything to have her at any time kills the attraction again.

In the end, the nice guy or nice girl behaves in such a way that attraction dissapears and monotony settles in.

This makes you look for other, more attractive, more challenging partners.


How Women see Nice Guys

Women see nice guys as providers.

They will put them in their Friend Zone and keep them there forever.

They have much to gain from nice guys, nice guys will help them with a lot of stuff thinking that some day they will reach third base.

Nice guys almost never reach third base and when they do its because of the wrong reasons. By reaching third base for the wrong reasons I mean that they may be able to fu*k the girl but its only because her boyfriend probably left her and she is feeling lonely or she want revenge on her boyfriend.

Women see nice guys as guys who don’t know what they want.

Women see nice guys as guys who are afraid to speak their mind. They are afraid to ask them out on a date for example.

Women are usually creeped by nice guys because the nice guy never really reveals his true intentions. That is to have sex with her. Why else would he take so much sh*t from her!?

They know guys! Women know that you are being nice because you want to get in their pants!

They are using this against you stupid motherf*ckers!