Why women love bad boys

You know what a bad boy is.

It’s that guy that has the money, the cars, the attitude and the women.

He’s always up to something, he’s powerfull, he has friends and relations with people, he can get things done and he is fun to be around with.



Women love bad boys

Ever since you were a little kid you noticed that women are attracted to bad boys


Why women love bad boys

You love bad bitc*es right?

It’s the same with women.


Can I be a bad boy?

You can yes. but not if you ask stupid questions like the one above.

Now, you can be a bad boy but this doesn’t mean that tonight you will go and rob a bank to be a bad boy and get laid !

It doesn’t work that way.

You have to get your sh*t together first.

Bad Boys have their sh*t together, they are not bothered by silly problems (like “I wonder if she will call me back!? “.