Why women flake on us (men)

Ever stopped to wonder what’s up with these girls? Why the hell do they flake on us?

The truth guys – the real cold truth is that she has other options !

Yes – she has other options and you are not a priority to her !

What to do next?

You always have to remember that this is a numbers game.

You have to talk and ask out a lot of girls, it won’t just work with one or two girls on which you are hung up !

So please – if a girl flakes on you – do not take it seriously !

Just go to the next girl in your line and ask her out !


Flaking because of lack of attraction

Maybe, in the meantime, she lost attraction for you.


Flaking before the start

This is very important guys !

There are women who will flake on you because that was their plan all along!

She just wanted the attention, she just wanted to feel important and wanted by men!

She wants to show her friends “Hey girls, look how manny guys are standing in line to go out with me and none of them meets my standards !”.

Do you understand?

They do it for the attention, she never even wanted to go out with you ! She just wanted the attention you are giving her because she got you hooked.