Why Men Pull Away. Part 2

Why men pull away: Stop it by avoiding the things that destroy attraction:

Do you still ask yourself why men pull away?one of the things you need to master is  to learn how attraction is created and destroyed. Has it ever happened to you before? You met a man and everything went well, you guys where real deep and everything was moving at jet speed and all of a sudden he pulled away and was doing the opposite even though his thoughts , behaviour and feelings told you otherwise?

It’s quite painful when a man does this. It could be that he notice that you were not emotional mature enough for him. If you create this idea i his head you will kill the deeper level of attraction he could feel for you. Attraction is something you build upon. Keep the ball dangling in the air slightly out of reach not just physically but emotionally and without any effort on your part you can create this intense desire and attraction that can last the distance.

Why men pull away: Stop it by Understanding a Man’s emotional Environment:

Men are babies when it comes to things that are emotional. Most women have never taken the time to picture what an attractive and masculine man is all about. a man might appear and act as if he is emotionally strong, indifferent and cold but underneath that that thin shield of masculinity there is fragility of the most brittle kind. The big secret is that these things are not spoken about thereby avoiding the opportunity for connection and intimacy. Men emotions are expressed in a different manner. it’s more symbolic and indirect and most women end up misinterpreting them.

The attractive, smart, handsome and successful  men are in demand all the time. The women who desperately want them don’t even know what makes them tick and how to trigger his attraction without showing so much sign of dependency. If you don’t know how to create attraction then you are doomed from the beginning. Well isn’t love just suppose to happen you might say but when you learn how to attune to a man’s emotional world you will be able to make him key into yours and all will just flow naturally. Don’t let the typical male thing get you down, try and understand how things go. Get into his emotional world and he will share it with you.

Why men pull away : Stop it by being Unique:

Show yourself to be different from others. Most men have had multiple dates in several past relationships  and these relationships have conditioned how they respond to women. Women are always trying to make the men see more of the relationship before they are ready for it. Most women do it unknowingly and the typical respond from the men is to withdraw from the relationship. They see you as pushy, clinging and demanding. Suddenly what was suppose to be fun is now more like work and the man is not even sure how far he wants to go.

Avoid the obvious triggers that send fears to men about love and relationship. Go for the secret to natural and lasting attraction.

Why men pull away: bring it to an end by learning how to handle common situations:

Avoid repeating mistakes in previous relationships in the new one. Most women have gone through several mistakes in previous relationship and always carry same to the new relationship hoping for a different result.(remember the common definition of insanity-doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!)You must learn to know what is a test (intentional or unintentional) from the man and what is just a quirky behaviour of men and not allow it throw you off balance. Know what to expect in most situations and the best way of handling them.

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