Why Men Pull Away. Part 1

Have you ever been bothered why men pull away from the women they love at a point where the women are making serious  efforts to get closer to them? Forget all the funny  and  dumb excuses they may offeras reasons why men pull away. Men out there are looking for that special women to experience true love with and hopefully settled down. Believe me even the chronic player is also searching for that special person.

Why men pull away from a relationship is not  because most men are not ready or wanted to take things slow. That same man who is not ready to commit to you for now will commit without hesitation to the next woman who enters his life after your exit. The big question is why is this so?

The answer lies with you as a person. Why men pull away is not because they are messed up, has doubts about himself or about the relationship. It’s simply because he has doubts about being in a relationship with you. You lack that thing that he is looking for which makes him think that you are not the woman he wants to settle down with.

It has nothing to do with your physical looks (that probably one of the key attraction he had for you  in the first place) nothing to do with being attracted to you emotionally. What you are not giving him is the enough attraction to make him fell that you are the real thing for him.

Do you want to do something about why men pull away? Then spare some moments for this VIDEO for answers to the question why men pull away.

It’s not a difficult task to give a man what will make him tell you that you are the perfect woman for him. all you need to do is to understand a few things that are important about men and why men pull away.

How To Make Him Feel That You Are The Perfect One

Years of research has shown that are a few things a woman need to know to make a man feel that you are the special one for him. If you know these things you will never have problems men pulling away from you. You major challenge will be men wanting to get serious very fast! Failure to know on the other hand could seriously hurt your chances of attracting and staying with a man over a period of time irrespective of the level of initial attraction

 Why men pull away: Stop it by awakening more than the physical senses; The answer to the question why men pull away lies here. You need to create the feeling of attraction in your man to catch his long term interest. The sad thing is that most women don’t understand how attraction works for men. Simply knowing it is not enough you must be able to create it. To get from Hi to talking and sharing to attraction and intimacy etc you must know how to turn on the level of attraction a man is feeling for you to as high a level as you want and to be able to lower it at will.

Men naturally respond to anticipation, tension etc. (something to do with the testosterone).  Correctly used they will complement each other leading to attraction at a very deep level. Learn how communication works. If you are able to create this high level of attraction you will have a more connected partner, a better longer lasting relationship with a partner who will be more helpful in growing the relationship. You will no longer have to do all the work yourself in maintaining the relationship. Getting to make the man of your desire to have  a gut feeling about you is not rocket science, it’s easy to learn. do these and everything will fall into place.