Why Men Leave? Know the Top 7 Reasons

If you feel like your boyfriend or your husband is getting away from you and your relationship is on the brink of break up then all you need is to tackle the situation with intellect. You need to know the reasons why men leave the women they love. This is the only way you can keep them interest in you for a life time. In the following paragraphs the top 10 reasons why men leave are summarized. All these reason are given priority wise and are based on interviews from the men who had harsh experiences with women. If you take care of these top 10 reasons why men leave then there are hardly any chances that your man would ever even think about leaving you.

You cheated on him

Always remember that a guy can bear everything except cheating. The moment you cheated on him you have cause an irreversible damage to your relationship. Your being with another man is gross humiliation for him. It is something that no man can stand. Things are different in case of men. When a man cheats on his women she gets jealous. But when a woman cheats on her man then she directly punches in the face of his ego. Your sleeping with somebody else can hurt his ego and he can not stand even in his own eyes. Your cheating on him leaves you with very few options to save your relationships and this is why men leave.

You lie to him

Dishonesty is amongst the biggest reasons why men leave. Your hiding every important or unimportant thing from your man can result in lose of trust that is detrimental for your relationship. If you fear that your partner would leave you if you tell him everything straightforwardly then it does not make any difference as same thing is going to happen the other way. So the better way to handle these situations is by developing mutual understanding and sorting out things after mutual discussion.

If you are thinking that you should keep you partner unaware of few things then you must know that it is you who is keeping yourself away from him and building a wall of distrust between your man and him. If you are really interested in him then there should be nothing that you should hide from him. You do not have to bother about his reaction because if he truly loves you then he will accept you with your positive and negatives.

You puffed up yourself

The annoying habit of making your partner jealous is something very common. Many women intentionally or unintentionally make their partner jealous in an attempt of making themselves overrated. If you think your flirting with other men is going to increase your importance in the eyes of your partners then you are wrong. This is why men leave the women whom they loved once.

If you tend to other guys in a public gathering this would be a direct insult to your partner. He is being with you because he wants you to take interest in him not the other men. Your doing this can be a reason why men leave you.

You are being harsh in your words

Being negative and complaining about every other thing is an attitude that is more common among women then men. If you are among those women who complain about everything then you are a persistent source of irritation to your partner. You do not like rainy weather because it spoils your dress and you do not like sunshine because it makes your skin burn. Having this attitude is big aversion for men. You got to be real and you have to watch your words. Being negative about everything is among very common reasons why men leave.

You do not care

Remember that men have sensitive ego. Whenever a man moves into a relationship with a woman his every step is linked to the expected approval of his partner. No man proposes a woman if he thinks that she will say ‘No’ to him. The major reason behind it is that no man wants to get his ego shattered. If you will keep saying him ‘No’ in every other matter then he will move miles away from you in your relationship. No man is fool enough that he will follow a woman who does not like him.

You changed

Many women marry men hoping that he will change after marriage. But in the case of man the things are opposite. Men do not want their partners to get changed by time. This is not about appearance only. No man likes his beloved wife turning into a chubby lady who taunts him every other minute and shouts at his kids. A man likes the women to take care of her appearances and be fragile and tender as she was when he fell in love with her at first sight.

You like emotional nagging

Many women are addicted to nagging. They continue to nag and nag and one day it appears like it is background music. If you are one of those women then you must not complain your man’s staying out of home for whole day and returning late. Many men with harsh experiences in their relationships say that women start nagging and cross the limits of sanity and just start shouting without any reason. You have to take things seriously and sort out things they way they should be sorted out.

In short, you do not have to be perfect to stop your boyfriend or husband from leaving you. All he is looking for is loyalty, honesty, and a friend with whom they can share everything. You being rude, dishonest, unfriendly and unappealing will sooner or later result in a break up. This is why men leave women and if you fix these few things timely then be sure that you are going to enjoy endless pleasure of blissful companionship.