When she tries to cancel or postpone your date

Sometimes, you set a date with a girl and all of a sudden, just before the date she cancels or postpones.


Why is she doing this

She may not find you attractive.

She may shit test you to see how you react.

Reasons are really lies

“My kid is sick” – ofcurse, we were about to go out and your kid just got sick – what a coincidence.


What to respond when she tells you that she can’t make it

Tell her “OK, no problem, hit me up when you have the time.”.


What should you do in the future (with the same girl)

After telling her to hit you up when she has the time you must Not Contact Her unless she contacts you first.

That’s it.

Remember that in the mean time you must see other women.

Don’t be waiting alone at home for her to call like a weak beta male.

The truth is that she may never call !

So get grinding and see other women.