What do they mean by “Maybe” or “We’ll see”

You ask a girl out and she replies “Maybe” or “We’ll see”.

We all have been here – getting this response.


Why do I get this response

You get this response because her attraction level towards you is not so high (high meaning at least 80%), its probably in the range of 0% to 50%.

She says “Maybe” or “We’ll see” because she has other things to do which to her are more important.

For example she could be seeing an Alpha Male and chose him over you.


What does it mean

In general, when women say “Maybe” or “We’ll see” it means NO.

Still, why don’t they just say NO?

This is because women are not rough and toough like men and she prefers not to hurt your feelings with a direct cold response (which you would have appreciated).


What should I do

You should try to get a defenite answer from her, the rest means NO.