Dating 9+ drop dead beautiful women

Wheater you want to admit or not we all know it, you want a Dime, a perfect 10 drop dead gorgeous woman!

If you say you don’t then you’re most probably gay and you should look for information elsewhere.

Most of you look at a dime and think “man, that girl is so out of my league.. i will never make her my girlfriend..”.

Having this attitude almost guarantees exacly that – that deep inside your mind and soul you don’t feel that you deserve her, deep inside your mind you are convinced that a 7 or 8 is the maximum you will date in this lifetime.

But then again, such a beautiful, smart, hot woman has to date someone right? It would be imposible for her not to find someone!

Why not that somebody be you !?

You may think that this is impossible but bear with me for a moment!

It won’t be easy!

It won’t happen over night!

It will not be the first or second or third girl you will date!

This takes practice!


Please don’t spend 1000USD on dating coaches as you still need to do the hard work and you need to work mostly if not 100{bbd423412ac19018433193ea7c961ede6a93b67c77e87430348ae1c236ac6e99} on yourself!! You have the information and instructions right here!! FREE OF CHARGE!!



Well, there are a lot of steps so here we go:


1. Evaluate your current status

You must first establish where you stand in order to make progress. Only after knowing your current status you can figure out the necessary actions to reach the next step.

You cannot jump over steps, you have to do the work!

So, we will look into your phisical aspect and your emotional inteligence aspect.

Your phisical aspect

You must know that phisical aspect is not the absolute rule by which women evaluate a man, well, not if they want a relationship anyway.

But Yes it does matter and yes it will help a lot.

The things you can’t control are

– your hight

– your looks

If you are an ugly short guy don’t worry, there is still room for success, but it takes even more work, or more money si spend.

If you are tall, well fit and looking good it will help a lot, practically it all depends on what and how you are communicating , most men instead of just fucking shutring up their mout they talk a lot and talk women out of having sex with them.. if only they could krep their mouth shut and play it cool…

The thing you can control are

– your attitude

– grooming

– people you hang out with

Your attitude will be the most important factor out of the three, you must be very confident, women are naturally attracted to confident men, they are biologicaly programed to choose the most confident man.

Confidence will not come over night and without doing anything.

Congidence is the result of successful experiences again and again that got you experience, so now, having experience, you can go to a 9+ woman and handle the situation correctly so that you get what you want!


2. Get your sh*t togheter

This is very important.

If you’re the kind of guy that is always complaining about stuff you are going to make women go away and keep a distance from you.

And, if you don’t have money you will never succeed at your highest potential.

So please take a real look at your finances and think how you can improve them because this will help you a lot!

It doesn’t mean that you need to show up with your gold chain hanging heavy from your neck while getting down from a SLR McLarren.

What it means is that you need to have enough money and a steady income so that you can concentrate on having fun, going out, and not beeing stressed out because of lack of money.

Believe me! Money makes men confident! Ever had a period when you were short on money? Remember how that made you feel? Now think about it, ever had a period when you were doing good for yourself, making more thatn average? How did that affect your confidence?

Now this doesn’t mean that money is all you will ever need!

You still have to have your own SWAG !

Think about it – let’s say that you have a lot of money, you go to a girl and start talking to her – without game and swag all she will ever see in you is a provider and not an aplha male that she wants to fu*k!

She will make a business decision and put you in the provider (beta male) category.

Now, let’s say you have Game but you don’t have money – now, all that game helps but when you bring her home and she sees that you are broke she will realize that you do have Game but she will also realize that Game is all you have. You have no purpose in your life other than dating women. This is a big turn off to any woman. She will fu*k youa couple of times but you will never be able to keep her in your rotation.

The best case is when you have both Money and Game!

Having Money eliminates most logistical problems, like:

  • you can afford a nice car to ride in (not a cheap toyota prius that makes her think you are gay)
  • you won’t waste time with little things like “i should go to the other place cuz it’s cheaper

Having Swag over Money gives you the power to realize your full potential with relative ease:

  • you can cold approach without fear
  • the chicks will notice that money is not all you have, that you are a high value male (thinking that the money comes from your high value as a human being)
  • Threesoms


3. How to start making  money

Whatever you do keep in mind that you need to be one of the best !

Perfection is hard but without starting you will never improve.


4. How to develop Game

Game comes from experience with women.

The more experience you have the more Game you will master.

Whatever you think – it takes years to master Game.

Don’t be thinking “Oh men, i’m gonna learn Game this month and I will know it for the rest of my life.” !

Game is a continuous learning process, societies are changing in today’s wolrd, people are traveling a lot.



5. How to keep hot women in your rotation

Unless you are Drake, P. Diddy, David Beckam or some other rich celebrity please accept the reality that women will not come to you on and on for ever.

You need to keep them in your rotation.

How am I supposed to do this?

All you need to do is look at what Women do – thei put guys in their Friend Zone.

Women are amaizing at having an Abundance MindSet.

They naturally have it, they are naturally wired to have an abundance MindSet. They will have a boyfriend and always have two-three guys in the background in case things don’t work out with her boyfriend.

All you need to do is get their attention (maybe even fu*k them once or twice) and after that put them in your FriendZone.

Having them in your FriendZone gives you the privilage to choose who you want to see when you want to see her.

Also, having 5-10 women in your FriendZone gives you options at any time.

For instance if a girl flipped on you – you don’t have to worry, just call one of the other 5 that you have in FriendZone.

Please keep in mind that by you keeping them in your FriendZone you increase their attraction towards you !

If you play this card right their legs will open.