The Game that women play

If you want to play “The Game” then you should know that women play the game to.

Yes guys, women play The Game to, and they are better than most men, by far.

I know, it sounds hard to believe but it is true.

Think about it, think about the abundance mindset, who has the most abundance mindset? WOMEN !!!

They always have options to choose who to go out with, it’s just the way society is today, at least in the western world.

So, women play a lot of relationship games, but one stands out, and it is a game that almost all women play on men.

They let you talk and you talk your way out of fuc*ing her, if you would just shut up…

This is very subtle, most men don’t even realize it, but they are played by women, women who want to see how much can you say about yourself, when they hear enough they usually take off because you have bored them and you have destroyed any mystery that you had (if you had any…).

So you see, you go on a date, you should be asking 80% of the questions and she should do 80% of the talking.

If you do 80% of the talking you are going to drive her away.

She may think that you think to much about yourself or that you are boring.

This is the problem that most men face is that they unintentionally talk their way out of having sex with the girl, by talking to much

You can avoid this problem by shutting the f*uck up.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to go on a date and sit there like the Terminator all serious and bad boy like.

You still have to talk, but, out of the whole conversation you must not talk more than 20% of the time, do you understand?

By playing this game she let’s you give away all your advantages by telling her everything about you, now there is no more mistery, she has all her questions answered and even more – you told her things she really didn’t ask or need to know.

Now that she knows everything about you there is no need to think “I wonder what Mike is doing now!?” because she already knows that yougo to the gym every day at 8PM. She already knows that you have a job at a big company, she knows that you have a car etc… all this because you talked to much.

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