The art of letting go

Wheater you like it or not, in today’s societies you cannot force a woman to be with you.

Even in the muslim world things are changing and more freedoms are allowed for both men and women.

Eventually, if a woman doesn’t want to see you no more then you will have to let her go or if you do something stupid you will have to pay for your actions.


Deciding that you want to let her go

The first step is that you have to decide that you want to let her go.

This is not easy, there may have been years between the two of you.

Nevertheless it is absolutely imperative that you make this first step because it will make things so much easier for you in the upcoming period.


Thinking about the good times

It’s easy to think about the good times you’ve had.

But please don’t – this will only make you mizerable.


Thinking about the bad times

This is more helpful as it will remind you what you disliked about her and it will make forgetting her easyer.

This works very well in comparison with a new girl.

Think abut it – if you didn’t like that your ex girlfriend didn’t wash the dishes and the new girlfriend does wash them then you can defenetly see the improvement.


Finding new stuff to do in your new free time

Not having a girlfriend anymore means that all of a sudden you have a lot of free time.


What not to do

Don’t complain to your parents like a little bit*h.

You’re a grown up – you must handle your own problems.

They will laugh at you knowing that a woman made a little bit*h from you.


Don’t stay alone at home.