How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone You Want

If you’re in a relationship but are feeling unhappy, you might be wondering: “How to stop obsessing over someone you want?” The answer is simple: learn to love yourself! This means starting a new hobby or doing something you’ve always wanted to do. These things could include taking a solo trip, learning a new language, or riding a bike. Whatever you’d like to do, make sure you do it, because it’ll help you to feel more content.

Distancing yourself

If you want to stop obsessing about someone, you should distance yourself from them. You can distance yourself from them mentally, emotionally, and physically. The first step is to realize that you cannot live in a relationship with someone who has harmed you. They will make you feel unsafe, make you feel bad about yourself, and complicate your life. They will not respect your boundaries or acknowledge your mistakes, and they will hold you back from achieving your goals.

The next step is to find a way to talk to your friends about your obsession. While it may be difficult at first, it gets easier with practice. Talking to friends who have experienced similar feelings may help you release stress and get perspective.

Creating a physical distance between you and your obsession can be an effective way to deal with obsessive thoughts. The distance will allow you to focus on your own life without the constant thoughts of your obsession. If you are in a relationship with someone, try to avoid meeting them in public and going to places where you’re likely to see them. If you can’t do that, consider moving away temporarily from the person. This may be difficult, however, if you go to the same school or place.

Stop Obsessing

You can also try to learn new things. Developing new hobbies and interests can give you a new perspective and help you get over the obsession. Creating a new distraction is also an effective way to avoid obsessing over someone.

Writing down positive traits

Obsessive lovers live in a fantasy world where they focus only on the positive aspects of a person, minimizing their negative qualities. They may feel that this person is perfect, or they think that this person is their only chance to be happy. They never realize how imperfect the person is. To prevent obsessive thinking, you should write down positive traits of someone you want.

Avoiding situations that remind you of them

One way to avoid obsessing over someone is to create physical distance from that person. This can be done by going to places where you are not likely to see them or meet them. This might mean moving away temporarily. This can be hard if you live near each other or go to school together.

You also need to stop letting yourself become engrossed in thoughts of your ex. If you are obsessed, you may start chatting with them about it all the time and even neglecting your work and hobbies. Besides, it can blind you to new relationships.

It is best to seek professional help if your obsession is affecting your relationship. It may be a symptom of a deeper issue. If you can’t identify the issue, try talking to a close friend who has dealt with obsessive feelings. Their perspective will help you work through these feelings.

Another way to stop obsessing over someone is to remove yourself from situations that remind you of your crush. For example, you should try not to follow your crush on social media. Most people will only post the good things about their lives. You can also keep yourself busy with your hobbies and activities. This will allow you to focus on something else without being distracted by the person you’re obsessed with.

Stop Obsessing
Stop Obsessing


Laughter is a natural mood enhancer that can reduce stress, enhance relationships, and improve personal satisfaction. It also relaxes the whole body and releases physical tension. Laughter also helps the body fight off serious illnesses and increase its immunity.

One of the ways laughter can help you stop obsessing is by allowing yourself to laugh about your mistakes. This can reduce your anxiety and feel more in control of the situation. Laughter can be as simple as nodding your head, taking deep breaths, or clicking a pen.

Another effective way to laugh is by engaging in a laughter exercise. This type of exercise can help you learn how to make others laugh without hurting them. The exercise is usually forced at first, but eventually it can become spontaneous. If you enjoy making others laugh, return the favor by sharing funny stories and jokes with others. If you don’t know what to laugh about, try reading joke books at your local bookstore or library. Remember that not all jokes are funny, so use your best judgment.

Stop Obsessing

Stop Obsessing