Staying motivated when life sucks

Everyone’s life sucks at some point

Staying motivated when life sucks is an essential quality that you must develop.

We all know life goes up and down, we all know that sometimes life just sucks.

What we always seem to forget when life sucks is that life will not suck forever.

There will come a time when life will be great again.

Just because it sucks now doesn’t mean that it will suck forever.

Think about it like this – if you were a rich man, a very rich man, you would have a bad day, the government would close one of your restaurants – you still don’t give a rats ass because you have enough money and power to open a new one tomorrow, it’s just a little setback for you. After resolving it life is back to normal and happy.


Real vs. UnReal problems

Some people think their life sucks because of the wrong reasons, some of their problems are unreal and they only talk about them because they are laizy and don’t really do anything for themselfs.

Real problems are medical problems, safety problems, having food on the table.

Fake problems include – ruining your day because some girl rejected you.