What are Shit Tests ?

Before getting into detail you should get down with the basics of what is going on.


What is a Shit Test?

A shit test is a way for a woman to test what kind of a man you are.

It’s a way for them to throw a verbal curve ball at you to see how you react, and based on that, she’ll be able to determine how much of a catch you are.

She’s looking to figure out how real you’re being, so she knows whether or not to let her guard down and trust you.

Once she knows that you’re not just taking her for a ride, she can be herself and start letting you in.

Nothing is worse than spending weeks getting to know a guy and learning all about him, to then find out that he’s in love with his best friend.

Or he doesn’t believe in monogamy.


Don’t take a shit test too seriously.

Almost all of the time women are doing this su

Women are just doing it to see if they can read you and see how easily influenced you get under pressure.

They want to throw you off your game to see if you, and your ego, can handle it.


Common Shit Test Examples

Are you upset? – roughly translates to “Are you a beta male?”

You’re such a player, aren’t you? – roughly translates to “Are you Alpha?”, you should ignore this shit test and be mysterious, respond something like “maybe I am, come find out” or “you don’t know the half of it”.

Buy me a drink! – roughly translates to “Are you a beta male?”. This is a compliance test, if you buy her a drink you are dead. You should reply with something like “No, you buy me a drink”, this way you communicate that you are more valuable then her. Only beta males buy drinks to women they don’t know.

I have a boyfriend

I don’t date short guys

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Can we be just friends!?

How many girls have you slept with?

Do you have a girlfriend?

I bet you have a girlfriend

Hold my bag for me –

Will you go and get me a coffee?