Spot a Cheater

I. How to catch a woman cheating

Throughout time men have studied and learned about women, society and psychology.

Although technology and societies have evolved our primary instincts remained the same.

This page will guide you through a lot of ways to identify if your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you.

Please remember that in general it is necessary that you find at least two or three of the below about your girlfriend or wife, just one will not do it 100%, it may be a coincidence  and you may end up thinking that your partner is cheating while she is actually not!


1. She suddenly dresses and make up so she looks her best

This is a red flag, especially if she’s going out without you.

If she starts to dress better, spend more time in the bathroom and making up before going out it most certainly means that she also has a reason for doing this.

The reason will be hard to pin point exactly but we are men and we know that there is a limited number of options.

Option 1 – she does is because she likes another man and wants him to notice her so by dressing up nice and looking her best it will attract attention

Option 2 – she may be going to an intervirw and she needs to look good, either for the interview or for the person holding the interview

2. No more sex

This is also a red flag! No sex means that something is wrong, ok, it may not be no sex at all but it may be just a few times a month, this usually means that her attraction level for you has decreased so low that she no longer puts sex on the table.

3. Picking up fights from nothing

Most people don’t realise this one, it is a subtle manipulative action that women do in order to deflect attention from what she has been doing and blaiming something on you, of course for nothing.

They slso do this before meeting another  guy, in order to have the time to meet the other guy she picks up a fight with you so that you will not talk for hours or days, time in which she can meet the other guy. Women are so ahead of us in this game…

What can you do:

– avoid the fights elegantly, for a man there is no success in having an argument with a woman

4. Talking about a new male colleague from work or from another place she visits

If she comes home and let’s you know who she’s been meeting during the day it’s ok, it means she really cares about you and wants you to know what she has been doing and who she has been meeting that day.

BUT, if she keeps talking for 5, 10, 15 minutes about this guy who she recently met and how awesome he is this usually means there is some chemistry on her part for this guy.

Most probably this happened to you already but most people don’t notice it, not even women who actualy do the 5, 10, 15 minutes monologue abot the guy unintentionally and withiut realizung that it is an effecy of the attraction that she found for this new guy.

5. She calls you by another name in bed

This is a BIG ONE – if she gets your name wrong in bed it’s a big red flag.

For example, you are John and you are in bed with your wife or girlfriend and she says something like “Harder Rick !”.

Don’t try dodo anything you might regret and that could get you in jail.

6. She’s staying late at work

This is almost classical situation nowadays, it’s pretty convenient for her, she may really have work to do and be a good girlfriend or wife, but at the same time she may be profiting of the cover to cheat on you. It’s really hard to detect but it is a red flag.

7. She is overly curious of your whereabouts

In order to be able to cheat and not be caught she may be more interested in your schedule so that she will know that you will be busy when she

8. She’s avoiding your friends

This is not the most clear sign but still, avoiding your friends means something, it does not just come out of nowhere.

9. She’s avoiding specific restaurants

Maybe she’s been there with another man, maybe the people who work there know her and may blow her cover.

10. She knows about restaurants and places that both of you have never been and you never knew about

This is very interesting, so, you and your girl may have visited a number of restaurants and usually when she goes out she tells you where she’s been and with who.

But, you cannot miss this, sometimes, she will know a specific restaurant that you never ever heard about.

How is this possible? Maybe she’s been there with somebody and she forgot that she has not been there with you.

11. She’s asking to try new things in the bedroom

Taking the initiative to try something new is never a bad thing, it can lead to beautiful things.

If your girl wants to try new things in the bedroom it’s not a bad idea, but, if you’ve been with her for some time, got to know her, and start trying new things she should behave like a beginner at those new things.

If she behaves like she already has experience then that’s a ref flag!

12. She says she’s unhappy

She is just being onnest.

13. She is ignoring you

This is another red flag, it means that she doesn’t feel attracted to you and she can handle things without you.

You either did something to upset her or you just acted needy and weak like a beta male and she lost any respect and attraction that she had for you.

14. You’re spending more time apart

Spending more time apart usually leads to the end of an relationship.

Woman are warm creatures, they are affected by distance more than men.

If she is the one that starts spending more time apart from you it’s usually a red flag.

15. She gets mad at you about everything

Even a small little detail that is off is enough for her to start a fight.

What to do:

– only call her once a week, let her call you the rest of the time

16. She insists on going alone to places

This is a hard one, she wants to go somewhere but not with you.

Red flag.

17. She starts going out with her girl friends

Usually girls go out not to find a mate but to have fun by refusing guys that hit on them.

Still, guys will hit on them and the only thing keeping the guys from fuc*ing your girl is her own will!

If she wants to cheat she just put herself in a perfect position do do so.

This usually means that she hasn’t got that much of a respect for you.


II. How to test a woman to find out is she’s cheating you or not 

If nothing comes to your mind on how to test to see if your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you, we have a few ideas you may find helpful:

1. Send her anonymous flowers to her workplace.

If she tells you about receiving the flowers then everything looks alright, if she doesn’t tell you then you need to know that this is a red flag.


III. How not to be caught by a woman when you are cheating

1. Your mobile phone

Nowadays the mobile phone, better said the smartphone witholds so many information that even police rely on this information in real criminal investigations.

Taking this into account you will realise that if your girlfriend or your wife takes your phone and goes through you messages, e-mails or call logs she can find out quite a bit about what have you benn doing in the last time. More importantly she can find out if you are cheating on her !

What can you do:

– use a password, pin or use the fingerprint as a security measure

– don’t leave your phone unattended

2. Your friends

Sometimes friends turn out not to bevreal friends, either of jeaulosy or just dizinteres they intentionally or unintentionally tell your girl that you’ve been seeing other females without her knowing.

What can you do:

– stop being friends with people who are jealous of you

– don’t tell your secrets to every friend you have

3. Your female friends

If you have female friends then you know that they can be very helpful in finding you a girlfriend. You myst also know that they can stop you from seeing a certain girl, their friend, if they feel that you are unworthy of her.

They may try to dig up and they may catch you doing something wrong, they wil use this in auch a way so that you will stop seing their friend.

4. Forgotten underware

If you are the king to bring mistreses home you should be careful about the mistreses not to leave any sign behind.

Thry could leave the sign unintentionally or they could leace it on purpose so that your girlfriend will find it and give you a hard time.