Some women are nuts

When you think about men we all know we’re nuts – it’s harder for us to believe that some women are nuts to.


What do you mean by “some women are nuts”

What we mean by this is that some women, definitely not all, are crazy and unreasonable.

You may know a few that stand out when it comes to (bad) personality.

Some like to scream, some make a scene in public or with your friends.

They don’t really have control over their emotions and actions and they don’t really care that their actions may cause problems to others, they only care about themselves.


How to handle women that are nuts?

The best way to handle them is to avoid them.

Unless you like to make it hard for yourself there really is no other reason for you to keep them close since they will make a complete mess of your life and make you do stuff that you wouldn’t normally do.


If you love her

If it’s already to late, you’re together for a while now, you love her and you can’t let go it’s going to be difficult for you.

You have to realize that her being nuts can affect you in a negative way.

In the end – how long are you willing to put up with her bullsh*t ?

The longer you put up with her bullsh*t the more she will do it and disrespect you.