Signs That Your Ex Still Likes You – 12 Sure Signs

Most of the breakups are resulted from transient abrupt emotional behavior. All of the sudden things remarkably change and people start blaming themselves for their present condition. A feeling of self deprivation develops and hopelessness prevails. In these circumstances one starts dreaming of being with his or her ex again and having the best time of his life back.

There is no story that has such an abrupt end. There are always signs that your ex still likes you. You just have to vigilant to identify them. Here are 12 sure signs that depict that your ex still likes you.

So you wanna get your ex back….

1st of the signs that your ex still likes you is his or her being frequent in communicating with you.

If you find out that you ex tries to call you every other day and keeps on sending your text messages then be sure that he or she is still interested in you. No matter what is the content of these text messages or emails; there is something in the heart of your ex urging him or her to talk to you.

2. Your ex does not end the conversation

If you see that whenever you talk to your ex it is you who ends the conversation then this is one of the signs that your ex still likes you. His or her talking to you frequently and being spontaneous and casual in conversations shows mental attachment with you.

3. Your ex calls you by sweet names

If your ex calls you honey or baby then there is something in his heart. He might be having feeling of love for you and would be looking forward to have you back in your life. Similarly, if your ex calls your names again and again during a conversation then this also shows that your ex still likes you.

4. Your ex is probing into your world

Your ex might continue probing into your personal world by asking you what are you doing and how are the people around you. His or her questioning like this would show the your ex is interesting in knowing that how well you are doing without him or whether you have found a new partner or not.

5. Your ex tries to make you happy

A conscious effort might be evident from the behavior of your ex trying to make you happy. This might be in the form of sending you gift or talking about the things of your interest. This might come natural when once you have shown him or her that ‘you are not the one with whom I am happy».

6. Your ex narrates his or her achievements

If you see that your ex is trying to tell you about his new job or some milestones of his life then this is a sign that he is inviting you again to his life. He is telling you how much happy you can be with him and the door back to him is still open for you. Getting good job and earning a lot of money is quite appealing for most of the girls.

7. Your ex tells you first about his or her achievements

This is a very strong sign that your ex still likes you. Most of the lovers try to express their loving first by making their ex feel special. If you are the first person to know about the success or achievement of your ex then this strongly depicts that your ex is still interested in you and he or she loves sharing his or her happy moments with you.

8. Your ex seeks your opinion for major decisions

Whenever you see that you ex is asking for your advice about major decisions of his life be sure that your ex still likes you. This simply shows that how important you are in the life of your ex and he or she trusts you a lot. Moreover, your ex’s asking these questions shows that he or she wants to involve you into his personal matters by giving you importance.

9. Your ex tries to meet you

If you see that your ex is already there at the place where you are supposed to go then this is a sign that your ex still likes you. He or she is interested in you and wants to have a blink of your face.

10. Your ex looks great every time you see him

If this is happening in your case then be sure that your ex is trying to take a lot of care of his or herself and is trying to be more appetizing for you. In other sense, your ex might be trying to make you feel that what you have lost. This is a very common tactic most people chose to attract their ex’s.

11. Your ex says you sorry

Many people might appear very egoist but when they are in really trouble and are broken inside they can apologize. If your ex apologizes and you can feel the emotions in his or her voice then be sure that this is the love he or she have for you in his or her heart. When someone says sorry and really means it then this is where happy journey starts.

12. Your ex asks about you from your friends

If you learn out that your ex asks plenty of questions about you from your friends then this is a sign the he or she is still interested in having you back. Definitely, the nature of questions matter a lot but even if your ex asks how are you doing? This shows that your ex still loves you.

Getting your ex back in your life is not that difficult if you read out the positive indications in the attitude of your ex. Moreover, learning the signs that your ex still likes you will help you in planning your strategy on how to get your ex back in your life and revive the happy relationship that you once shared.