Signs she’s about to leave you

Ever wonder how we men always wake up being dumped by our women all of a sudden?

Well guys, big surprise, it is not all of a sudden, it was a pretty good plan that started months ago.

It’s just that us men think differently about life and that’s why we did not see it coming.

If you would have paid attention – the signs where there! You were not paying attention or you did not know what those sings are and what did they mean.


As a basic idea: No woman will leave your ass if she hasn’t found a replacement yet !

So she won’t break up with you (even things are bad) until she found the replacement.

Now, pay attention, usually, and this is most common if you are a Beta Male and if you acted week with her – she already has one or more guys lined up as your replacements.

These would be the guys that she keeps in her Friend Zone.

Women are so far ahead of men these days.

You didn’t even think about this, you may never know about this, but they all do it !


What are the actual signs

  • she starts making up more and looking better
  • she stays longer at work
  • she talks about this new “male friend” that is so cool
  • lack of sex or rare sex
  • getting her bags ready
  • she doesn’t initiate contact as much as before
  • she spends less time with you