Secrets to How to Get a Boyfriend

First off, this lens is dedicated to my Mom, my favorite bestie and companion, the fearless teacher who has taught me pretty much everything about life, including how to get a hot boyfriend and keeping one for that matter.

After all, if it’s not a hot boyfriend you’re after, what else is there to occupy oneself with, especially when you’re a young lass like me?

I’m only 23, but I guess this article relates to all ages because, let’s face it, men have a fear of growing up, and will remain boys, until you tell them, or give them reason to grow up really!

So, whatever your motivation for landing on this lens, buckle up, let’s have some fun discussing dating boys and hopefully by the time you complete reading this, you’ll have the mindmap needed to position yourself in the line of sight of he, that makes your heart flutter!

Body Language to Attract Men

How to Get Boys to Approach you

They say there are just over 5 Billion people on planet Earth, with the majority of these being well, you know, us girls, women, or whatever term you would like to use.

As such, isn’t it surprising that, in an ocean of so many women, men still have difficulty in approaching us, striking up an intelligent conversation, and creating a lasting first impression that will separate them from the mediocre Joe’s that hit on women day in and day out without learning anything, let alone taking a hint?

Perhaps it’s in the genetic construct of men, but I find most men pretty blaze and lame at times, regardless of their outward intelligence!

When it comes to approaching women, men could be writing a thesis on cold fusion or calculating the time a speeding bullet train would take to travel from Chicago to California through Route 66 for all I care.. they just make the whole approach so complicated, so regimented.

Whoever wrote the book on approaching women that these men are reading needs to be flogged to within an inch of his life with immediate effect, or at least needs to update that book because, let’s face it, it’s not 1967 any longer!

As for my dating advice to any woman or girl struggling to find a guy to call her own, bear with me as I lead you through the steps. It’s not exactly rocket science, nor does it have to be hard, Men are easier to manage than your Friday night babysit, trust me, I’m a doctor!

When it comes to approaching men, my best advice to any girl out there, is to dumb it down sister! Give the guy the opportunity to fee like he’s working for it, let him believe it’s all him doing all the hard work! Let him work up his sweat, then watch him rush to his merry band of peers to screech how «awesome» he was, and how he «took your breath away» and left with your telephone number, facebook-profile and name!

It’s all in the name of chasing I guess. From the Cave men days, men have always loved the thrill of the hunt, chasing women, buying flashy cars to impress us etc when, in all honesty, all they need do is come and introduce themselves, be sincere, genuinely show that they care, and protect us from the big bad wolf!

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