Role Models

You might say “The fu*k” i need a Role Model for?

Well, for starters, it will help you have results faster and it will give you simple and fast solutions when you find yourself in situations in which you are without a plan.

Role models are one of the most important aspects of self-improvement. You’d be hard pressed to find an individual who has excelled in some field or other who hasn’t had at least one role model in his or her life.

Having a Role Model does not mean doing everything all day as your Role Model would do! You only need him in specific situations where you have not yet attained the skills necessary to handle the situation without a glitch.


James Bond – probably the best example…

Why is he the best example? Big money, fast cars, hot women, dangerous adventures, alpha attitude!

You don’t have to risk your life dough, you don’t need to jump out of a burning airplane without a parachute to get the results, you just need to very closely pay attention to what James Bond’s attitude towards life is, attitude about enemies, about women, about life in general and learn from him, apply it to yourself.

He is always in control, he is always 1 step ahead, he is always ready, he is always prepared – see what i mean?

He walks confident – you do that !

He does not move his limbs like he is a 15 year old idiot – you do that, move less !

He goes and approaches the hottest woman in the room – you do that !

He doesn’t brag like a bit*h – you do that, stop bragging like a bit*h !

He drives the car like a boss – you do that, get the car and drive it like you really want, stop thinking about the mileage it turns women off !

You need to watch a few of hos movies and pay attention to his attitude and approach towards women.

Better yet if you don’t have the time watch these YouTube VIDEO video for starters:


P. Diddy
Mike Tyson