Recover your girlfriend using the No Contact Rule

An extensive guide to recovering your girlfriend or wife

Maybe you want her back. Maybe you don’t.

But what do you do if you do? Are you prepared in any way? What are you going to do exactly?


Getting some basic things clear before you start:

  1. Is it possible? YES
  2. Is it easy? DEPENDS – on you and a lot of other factors
  3. Is it fast? DEPENDS – mostly on you and your past actions, could be 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2-3 months maximum
  4. Is it guaranteed? 90{bbd423412ac19018433193ea7c961ede6a93b67c77e87430348ae1c236ac6e99} GUARANTEED IF YOU STICK TO THE PLAN !
  5. You will have to read about 50 to 300 pages of material to be able to fully understand and apply these techniques
  6. You will have to repeat some things in order to create a positive habit
  7. You will have to spend some money, not 5,000$, but still a few hundred if not 1000$ along a few months


Basic steps to get an EX back

Assuming you were the one who got dumped

You must communicate to your girlfriend or wife that you don not accept her decision to break-up, and also, that you do not accept to remain friends with her but, at the same time, you want to continue the relationship. If she doesn’t want to continue the relationship tell her to contact you if she ever changes her mind. You must not contact her ever again unless she contacts you (we will get into more details later on)


You need to leave and never look back

You need to walk away and not contact her again.

You have to really mean it! If you don’t mean it then it won’t look real.


When they contact you again

If you followed the last step she will contact you.

The reasoning for why she finally decided to contact you is that she was not expecting you to cut off any contact and get on with your life.

Please keep in mind that if she likes your facebook page or instagram photos it does not count as “contacting you” because its indirect.

And she can contact you through a lot of different methods – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, SMS, phone call, e-mail etc..

Now, when she contacts you – you must assume she wants to see you.

You must set a date, and be careful, it must be at your place.


If she doesn’t want to come to your place

If she tells you that she doesn’t want to come to your place then tell her that you don’t wanna go out, that you were thinking of making something to eat at home and that she can contact you in a couple of weeks when you will be ready for something more formal.


If she refuses to go on a date with you

Never ask her again unless she brings it up first.


Migrate from you contacting her to her contacting you exclusively

From this point on you should let her initiate all the calling and texting first.


Getting her back if you were the dumper

You need to call her, apologize and tell her that you invite her over for dinner.




You probably heard of the No Contact Rule, but what does it mean? How can it help you?

If your girlfriend or your wife has just broken up with you and if you want her back, you can use the following information, step by step, in order to get her back!

Simple Definition: The No Contact Rule is a period of time, 30, 60 or 90 days, in which you do not contact and do not respond to your ex girlfriend. You do this following a brake-up in order to reset her feelings for you, she bering the one braking up with you, and to make her feel attracted to you again.

Why is this necessary: not having any contact with your ex will work in your advantage as she will start missing you and think about the good times, this will make her want you back.

Does it work: YES 90+{bbd423412ac19018433193ea7c961ede6a93b67c77e87430348ae1c236ac6e99} of the time but you have to be very serious about it! If you brake it and contact her or respond to her messages then you are back to ground zero znd you will have to start all over again from day 1 !


When can I use the No Contact Rule?

You must use the No Contact Rule immediately after a brake-up with your girlfriend or wife.

How long does it take to get real results?

30, 60 or maximum 90 days!

Yes! But you have to be strong, follow the instructions and, i cannot stress this enough, you have to refrain yourself from braking it!

What if i started and I broke it?

You will have to start all over again!

Success can still be attained no problem but you cannot start all over again to many times as you will loose ground everytime you start over again and ground is scarse for you right now