Not getting the second date – causes and solutions

You got the first date, all went good, at least in you mind.

Now its time for the second date, you call her and surprise – no answer or she postpones.


How it really was on the first date

Believe it or not, not getting the secind date has much to do with the first date.

If she considered that the first date was not good then why would she go out on a second one with the same guy (you)?


Probable mistakes on the first date


Should I ask her out again (after being refused)?

Hell NO !

Find another chick to ask out.

Don’t waste time with girls that don’t find you attractive.

Choose the girls that have a high interest towards you from the start.

What do you mean by high interest?

I mean at least 80% interest ! Yes at least 80% !

Below 80% you will get unconsistent dates and results.

Remember that Game is a numbers game – meaning that you can’t hold on to one chick until you die. You have to go from flower to flower untill you find the right ones for you.