Lets Just Be Friends (LJBF)

So many guys today get the LJBF speech that we had to write an article about this.


Lets Just Be Friends

It’s like women (and men) are programmed to response in a certain way in certain situations.

This is a situation when her interest towards you is low, she does not see you as a lover at all, but, she wants to keep you around as a Beta Male Provider.


Why is she letting me know that she just wants to be friends

As far as she is concerned, she wants to make it clear that you will not get in her pants.


What to tell her if she gave me the LJBF speech

You should tell her that you are not interested in a platonic relationship, that you are only interested in a romantic relationship with her.

If she wants to be friends you won’t agree, breaking up contact with her until she changes her mind and wants something romantic between the both of you.