How To Win Back an Ex – But Should You?

The question of winning your ex should always be a positive thought rather than a desperate plea to win your ex back again. Winning their ex back is something which most people dream about after break up and it shouldn’t be an issue in your case coz all you need to know is right here for you but before you do anything which could get your ex back, you should believe in them to achieve it.

But, Should You Get Your Ex back?

Really, Should You? – Some of the relationships are better broken up. Should you put your energy and time into getting your ex back. Is your ex worth your pain and agony? Answer the following questions to find out Your Ex Goodness Factor (EGF) and then decide… Seriously… This is important and its your life!

Answer These 5 Questions and then Decide…

  1. Was the breakup a sudden decision?  Yes, It was just due to a sudden decision Yeah, but there was already some misunderstanding No, It was due to long term misunderstanding
  2. Were you happy most of the time you were together?  Yes, we were having a great time mostly We were having both great times and worse times No, mostly it was just fight and arguements
  3. Do you generally want the same things?  Yes, we have the same opinion on many aspects of life We have a equal mix of same and different opinions No, we differ on many aspects of life
  4. How do you feel about your ex?  I miss him/her so much Not much, but at times and i miss him/her Nope, I dont miss him/her, but i just like to get my ex back
  5. Whenever you think about your ex relationship…  I smile, which eventually turns into tears, as i miss him/her It puts in both wonderful and sad moments in my mind Mostly its about the pains i had in the relationship

Forget your breakup pain, have a positive thought before you do anything and when you think you are done with all your sorrows, now you are ready to learn the technique of winning your ex.

There are certain things which could bring your ex back only if you prepare yourself with the following things

Analyze  the relationship with your ex

It’s all about finding the good things which made your relationship strong and also the things which made it fail later. Its better you have an open mind when you do this analysis. Try thinking it from your point of view and from the other person point of view as well. If you think what you did was wrong, make sure you don’t get to do that again. If you think the other person is wrong, make sure you don’t end up in a situation like that again. Its better you say it, once you get a strong bonding between you and your ex coz the other person needs to know about you and how you feel about that issue. Be strong and feel high:

It means you don’t make any move that makes you look desperate and less confident. It happens every time when you try to contact your ex so its better you avoid it. Anytime you get to meet your ex, just act cool, a very friendly smile would do well. It gives an impression that you are confident and more solid with your thoughts. It shows that you’ve got more to achieve and less bothered about your broken relationship which is quite good actually coz you indirectly make your ex think about you and who knows! There’s a better chance that you might win your ex back again sooner than you actually think. Think you need a change?

Since most break ups happen by not understanding enough of your love, its time you give a little peek into it. Find out whether your attitude is something to do with your break up. Mostly it doesn’t happen otherwise you wouldn’t have fallen in love in the first place. If at all you think you need some changes, its very fair coz this might not only help you in your personal life, your social life would get better as well. Moreover next time you meet your ex you would find yourself as a new person standing in front of your ex. Make a slow and steady move:

All these times you were buying yourself some time to think about your relationship, make your ex think about you, make yourself prepared in both your heart and mind. Now its time you make yourself visible to your ex. If you are sharing the same work area and occasionally used to meet each other for some reason, its better you make a call and ask her out for a coffee. Or if it’s been a long time that you’ve seen your ex, make yourself an accidental entry and start your conversation. The most important thing in relationships is that no matter what you are trying to achieve you need to make sure you don’t lose your identity. Your originality is what makes you unique and it’s what made you to fall in love in the first place.   Just Broke up? Want Your Ex Back? Get the complete strategy and plan to  get your ex back here. Every day thousands of  true lovers  are getting back together.