How to Uncover Real Men Online Whilst Avoiding all the Boys!

We now live in a digital age, where it’s virtually impossible not to have an online dating profile of some sorts! Whilst I do love online dating, it has its limitations, like the person in the picture being 20 years younger than the man you go and meet in person! That being said, if the online route is what you seek, be mindful of the stuff you put on your profile, and also be open to receiving loads of lewd emails or advances from men who will cuss and say all obscenities to you when you don’t dance to the tune of their drum!

Sure, online dating to find men can be fun, after all, you’re casting your net far and wide and hopefully a gentleman in the making will find and read your profile, and make contact.

In any case, keep your profile neat, professional and always use a spell-checker to make sure your profile looks professional and in context. Write about your hobbies, what makes you laugh, interests, and what you expect in your ideal mate. There’s no harm in stating what you’re NOT looking for. Be as specific as possible without sounding like you’re putting out a laundry list of things to do.

Remember, dumb it down some. If you sound too smart, you may just scare them away and, if you sound too dumb, you’ll attract the wrong type.

Also spend time visualizing the image of the man you hope to attract. By visualizing I mean having a mental image of the personality and build of the man of your dreams. After all, if you do not have a mindmap, then be prepared for anyone to appear.

Lastly, if online dating profiles are not your thing, there’s always meetup. com. This is an awesome site – available in any city anywhere in the world. Essentially, meetup. com is a place where you can signup and connect with other individuals sharing similar interests. Let’s say you’re new in a city and have no friends, well… there’s a meetup for that! When I first moved to Portland Oregon, I had no clue who to hang out with or where to go for fun. Since I discovered meetup however, there’s never been a dull moment in my life, I’ve hung out with hikers, poets, Had Thanksgiving Lunch with other strangers away from home, been to many happy hours, been to strangers homes to watch movies etc.

You just post a meetup event, such as a happy hour at a bar downtown etc, and people of your age group magically appear!

I kid you not… if you’re struggling to find a boy, meetup is your app for that!

In closing, I would also like to add – spice up your life with activity! You don’t have to spend money to have fun, consider taking salsa as a passtime! Every city (to my knowledge) has salsa gigs going on during the week and at times during weekends. If you thought Salsa was only reserved for the Spanish community, think again sister! You’ll find so many single eager boys and men willing to teach you how to dance you’ll forget how you managed to remain single for so long!

For social skills and also the art of being able to talk to any boy without stammering or making it obvious that you’re into him.

What Aunt Marge Should Really Have Taught You

Covert lessons in getting any boy you like

Now, I know most of you will jump at the information I’ve shared and run with it. However, some of you may feel intimidated at putting yourselves out there to meet and dance with strangers.

Not all of us have the same level of confidence, I get that. So I will not leave you hanging ladies. There’s a course I am very familiar with because, let’s face it, I too was once in your footsteps and used part of it to increase my self confidence and be able to talk with boys at a level I felt was sufficient to get them to ask me out.

That course is called Capture Him – 3 Steps To Make a Man Love You

The title might sound like this is all voodoo stuff… let’s face it, this comprehensive material will teach you the body language to attract men, about pheromones for women to attract men and all the information you need to be able to capture a man and have your way with him! If you intend on buying this, PLEASE use it, and have fun whilst you’re at it, it’s well worth it. This course has helped countless women, just like you, (myself included) to find some level of joy where boys and man are concerned!

So,  Grab your Copy if this is the route you wish to take, and then please come back and leave your comments, whether you’ve you’ve found your man or not!