How to Survive a Breakup – 5 Exclusive Tips!

Going through a breakup is a harsh and bitter experience that can poison your upcoming years with anxiety and sorrow. It not only the breakup but never ending fighting with your partner before finally deciding to breakup also put a lot of stresses on your mind and take you far away from a calm happy life. Learning how to survive a breakup is something of great importance if you really want to get the energy back in your life.

These tragic feelings are well expressed in following verses

«I was wandering all around the house all the night and was wondering what the hell to do,

I have been trying to concentrate on my work but all I can is to think of you,

Well the phone does not ring because my friends are not at home; I am tired of being all alone,

Got the TV on, because the radio is playing songs those remind me of you.»

How to Survive a Breakup Tips

Getting away from these haunting feelings can be accomplished by learning ‘ How to survive a breakup? ’ Always remember that it is perfectly normal to miss someone when he or she is no longer with you. Similarly, if you got used to a person in your life there are equal chances that you will find another one with whom you would be involved to the equal extent. This journey starts with being optimistic and here are the 5 exclusive tips that will bring you back to delightful life.

Tip No. 1

It is not your fault if your relationship has ended the way you never liked. Many guys, especially women, lose their self confidence by starting thinking that they are the culprit for all these things. If you want to get out of this sad feeling then you have to give yourself some respect. Blaming yourself is not going to help would only make things more bitter. So, this first tip is all about accepting the reality and start thinking about moving on after a breakup. After all end of a relationship is not the end of your life.

Tip No. 2

The second tip revolved around positive self-affirmation. This is something that will make you fall in love again on one hand and will attract people towards you. You need to start learning the different ways of enjoying your freedom right after the breakup if you want to learn how to survive a breakup. Being single is something attractive. Yes this is the time when you do not have any obligations and go to wherever and whenever you like.

Having this feeling is not as easy after a breakup as it was once. One may not feel like visiting friends and going to market after a breakup. All the things appear tasteless. If you force yourself to engage into new activities and try to keep yourself busy then you can easily survive a breakup. This will keep the gloomy memories of your ex away and will give you something new to do. You need to involve yourself into your hobbies and all the passions that once you had in your life. This will give a status of genuine ‘single’ and new love will come your way when the God has planned it.

Tip No. 3

The third tip is about being optimistic about the future. Having a breakup does not put a full stop to your love life. As they say ‘there is plenty of fish in the sea’. So, this journey never ends. Logically speaking your ex was just another guy who was liked by some and hated by the others. The medical theologies can relieve your mind if you accept the fact that the person you once loved was 72. 8% water. Yes, good guys like your ex are as common as water. You just have to keep your heart open after a breakup.

Tip No. 4

The fourth tip is about seeking help. Well, there is nothing wrong if you did mourn for a week or so and have been having sleepless nights. Now the time has come to put a stop to it and this can be far easy if you discuss your troubles with a friend or a close family member. Crying all night long is not something that you can do for your whole life. If you want to learn how to survive a breakup you need to learn how to face the realities. Stop blaming people for your present condition and start thinking about starting afresh. Definitely there was something missing in this relationship because of which you are ending up like that. Seeking the help of a relationship psychologist can be of great help in this regard. A well reputed experienced psychologist can make you feel better even within 3 weeks.

Tip No. 5

They say the physiology and mental health are closely linked and this is a proven fact. Have not you noticed people go lean and start having dark halos around their eyes once they are in grave stress? You can turn the tables by taking this fact to your advantage. Have a couple of working out session in gym may appear a irrelevant tip when it comes to ‘how to survive a breakup’ but multiple studies have shown that this can help in getting rid of bad feeling of a breakup in no time. Whenever you involve yourself into physical activities endorphins are released in your body and you start feeling good, relaxed and happy. Take this to your advantage in your quest of learning how to survive a breakup. You can get your smile back by working on these five exclusive tips regarding how to survive a breakup. Going through a breakup is about going through a terrible state of mind. One may not find a reason to sleep at nights and to concentrate on work in daytime. Learning how to survive a breakup has never been as easy as you can find it by following these 5 exclusive tips.