How to properly set dates

Knowing how to properly set dates will save you an incredible amount of time.

Knowing exactly what to say and when so that you set as many dates with as little effort as possible.


Talking on the phone

This is where most men fail.

They forget to get off the phone.

Guys, if you want to take the girl out (and later back to your place) you must leave the phone alone.

Only use the phone to set dates – not to talk.

If you call her you need to keep the conversation to a maximum of 2-3 minutes ! Not more!

If you talk on the phone for half an hour what will you talk on the date about? You have already used the common talking subjects and this leaves you without something to talk about on the date.

Another issue is her perception of you, if you talk to much on the phone she will probably put you in her Friend Zone.

Yes guys, girls are expecting that you ask them out and they are expecting that you do this in an open and direct manner.

If you talk to her on the phone for 2 hours and then ask her out on a date she will just think that its a bit weird because you didn’t ask from the start to go out on a date, she may start to believe that you have a hidden agenda.

Women run away from men with hidden agendas.

So, be direct, call her, tell her that you plan to take her out in one of the following nights, ask her if she’s available, set the time and place and GET OFF THE PHONE !


The place

For a first date don’t take her to a fancy restaurant where you can show her that you can spend $1000 on a bottle of wine.

She will just enjoy the wine and forget about you thinking that “He’s already all in from the first date – must be desperate to get me into bed thinking that money will play the Game for him”.

Remember guys – women are not stupid!

Even more – when it comes to Game, in general, women are way ahead of us. Just think about how many guys have an abundance mindset and how many women have an abundance mindset – the women overwhelm men in this chapter.


The time

If you plan on getting her to you apartment then monday noon is really bad timing for this. See what I mean?

If you plan to get romantic with this girl the timing has to be right.

She must not feel time pressure, for example she must not get back to work immediately after the date – this will ruin the date and waste your time.


The money

Don’t spend a lot of money¬† on the first date.

You don’t have to impress her with money.


Your shoes and clothes

Shoes must be clean – shoes are one of the first things that a woman looks at, they need to be clean!

Clothes must match colors – girls also look to see how your outfit is, if you have 20 colors on you then she might think you work at the circus. Your body-wear must be in harmony.



You need to groom, you cannot go meet with her looking like you just go of a deserted island on which you lived the past 5 years.


Is she want to bring someone along

Pay attention – if she says this then she doesn’t want a romantic affair with you, she just wants to go out and have fun, maybe waste your time.

If she wants to bring someone along you must tell her that you don’t accept and if she can’t come by herself maybe you should postpone for another time when she can give you her full attention.


If she actually brings someone along

If she has the balls to actually bring someone along, without letting you know from the start, you can just leave and tell her that this is not what you’ve arranged on the phone.

Leaving will put you in a powerfull position – the position of being able to leave without giving a sh*t.

If she likes you she will call or text you later.

This could also be a shit test, that is why we reccomend that you just leave, if it really was a shit test and she just wanted to see how you react – you will pass with flying colors because you had the guts to leave because she brought someone else along without your confirmation.



If her ex boyfriend comes along

This is not a good one.

You must not turn her problems into your problems.