How to maintain your relationship – 10 decisive tips

Love is not based on bare saying ‘I love you’. Once you are in a relationship, multiple things will come across, and failing to manage them will be surely detrimental. This is something you will observe in your daily life that many love seekers who once used to claim that they will be together for a life time fail to stay together for even few years. All this is happening because you have insufficient knowledge on how to maintain your relationship.

Many love gurus and relationship psychologists have come up with suggestions to increase the intimacy with your partner that is necessary for a long term happy companionship. Unfortunately when you consult it, most of this stuff appears fluff and irrelevant to your case. If you really want to know how to maintain your relationship then you need to apply logical tactics that can make your relationship so strong that it shall persist all the bad times and crises of life. Here are 10 decisive things than can remarkably help you in maintaining your relationship.

1. Trust each other and  learn how to maintain your relationship

If you are wondering how to maintain your relationship then the most important thing that must be paid heed is to have faith in your partner. As long as you trust each other nothing can part you. The 3rd party interventions become effective only when there comes a breach in trust between you two. After a couple of hard times your faith in each other will become unconquerable.

2. Care for your partner

If sharing is to friendship then caring is to love. Caring for each other is one of the key rules to maintain a long term relationship. If you take care of your partners feeling and understand his or her pain then this will bring you two much closer. Your partner will start thinking that he or she can not live without you and leaving you ever would become out of question.

3. Spiritual Vs Physical Love

You must differentiate between love and lust. Arranging dates just to fulfill your sexual desires is going to harm your relationship. This is not something that can hold you together for life time. If you really want to maintain your relationship then you need to show your partner that this is his or her soul, whom you love. Similarly, leaving your bed right after intercourse can make your partner think that you are there only to fulfill your sexual desires. You need to express your spiritual love off and on and make your partner feel that this is something beyond lust.

4. Be friends

If you want to know how to maintain your relationship then you should also look for how to be good friends. The value of a true friends becomes evident when you are broken from inside. Moreover, friendship is something that should be part of every relationship. The simple answer to the question ‘How to maintain your relationship? ’ is ‘By being loyal, caring and friendly. ’

5. Be communicative

The downfall of relationships starts when you lose your communication link. The secondary things start to hi-jack your relationship and gradually gap increases to an extent that when you tend to it you find that you are too late. So, if you want to maintain your relationship then be communicative and solve all your problems through discussion.

6. Good understanding – Good relationship

To some people this think might appear less appealing if they start knowing before head that his or her partner is going to wear which shirt or going to take which action. But this is something that really helps you to maintain your relationship. The logic behind it is that when you know how your partner would respond to a certain matter you get ready to tackle the things and surprises are avoided. People want love to be dynamic and varied but it need to be as direct as possible.

7. Build your memories

This is something that really helps in building love and stopping your partner from abandoning you. Many psychologists have mentioned that if a couple does plenty of activities together, no matter good or bad, they always make good memories. Your going to long drives and having water sports at a beach will enrich your mind with loving memories of your partner. Building your memories comes among top few tactics of how to maintain your relationship.

8. Love Renewal

This is a concept introduced by multiple relationship psychologists in niche of ‘how to maintain your relationship. ’ Love renewal means being affectionate to each other and making promises to live together and love each other till the world ends. This should not be limited to wedding anniversaries only but you need to express them whenever you two are having a good time together.

9. Love what/whom your partner loves

This is something really important in maintaining your relationship. Many people will find it hard to work on this principal as every individual has his or her own choice. But you need to respect your partner’s friends and relatives. Your doing this will increase the feeling of love and respect for you in his or her heart that is vital to maintain your relationship.

10. Role of 3rd party

To maintain your relationship you need to understand the role of third person in your mutual bond. First, do not get infuriated at your partner when a third person says you something about your partner. Second, never ever humiliate your partner in front of a 3rd person. Last, identify your true friends and consult them when required. You need to understand the role of 3rd person if you want to know the tricks of how to maintain your relationship.

You can achieve everlasting happiness by applying all these practical tips into your life. At the end it is worth mentioning that having a ‘long term’ relationship is something different than having a ‘happy and long term’ relationship. You must not pull your relationship too long by making compromises and giving up your rights this is also a part of how to maintain your relationship strategy.