How to become irresistible to women

Way back, when I was just getting into the dating scene and backpacking around Europe, I met a young and very voluptuous German Chick called Alina!

Now, to say Alina was gorgeous is an understatement, she was an absolute stunner, and probably would’ve caused a perfect 10. 5 on the Richter scale anywhere where Earthquakes are available.

Now, I considered myself to be quite a catch then, and I still am…but having met Inga, she turned my whole World upside down, and I seem to have lost all faculties to be in control of my senses!

Huge Mistake…and I’ll explain why in a second.

Where ever we went, men would literally swoon down on her and comment on how gorgeous she was. You name it, and German is the home of Mercedes and BMW, so you can imagine how I felt walking with this Red head and fancy cars would drive right next to us and men ask for her number or giving her their business cards…

I must confess, I also fell into the routine of commenting on Alina’s good looks, how great she looked and, in a nutshell, I turned from a guy that she’d fallen for, into a super nice guy that was willing to bend over backwards for her attention.

The signs were all there to see…Alina was slipping away from me, and I could not place a finger on the reason.

I mean, I was always super nice to her, paid her compliments, bought her Swiss Chocolate, wrote her poems and called her insesantly each time we were apart.

Somehow, my charms just seemed to wear off her and, about 6 weeks into the relationship, some no good, unkept and loud jackass of a Moroccan backpacker came to live at the same Hostel Alina and I were living and, within hours of this guy moving in, Alina was hooked!

Now, if my story sounds like anything you may be going through or have ever experienced, you’re not alone, millions of men out there face the daunting problem of watching a woman slip away from them or worse still, you meet someone you really like but, no matter how nice you seem to be, she just doesn’t bite into the idea, and slips off, into the sunset, never to return!

So, what’s the secret?

One word…confidence!

I’m not talking about confidence in how you communicate, but confidence in being in your own skin, confidence in your ability to make things  happen and not be focused on the process of what you’re doing.

Let me elaborate; most women, it doesn’t matter whether she’s pretty or just your average next door Jane, are usually attracted to, well, for lack of a better word, let’s call them jerks!

Like it or not, Jerks rule where women are concerned, and the chief reason mostly is because jerks, yeah, you guessed it, couldn’t care less what you think of them, they’re in full control of what they do and they speak their minds, regardless of what your Catholic upbringing might think.

Now, I’m not advocating that you should turn yourself into a jerk and  hope for the best, but what I am advocating is you stop trying to appease a woman in the name of love or affection, stop woosifying yourself just to get laid.

Next time you see a pretty woman and you’re stuck for conversation, comment on how nice her shoes look, or ask what her dress size is based on her size, but lor’ forbid, NEVER comment on  how gorgeous a woman you’re attempting to get looks… that will chill her bones silly.

In case you hadn’t noticed, pretty chicks get hit on thousands, and they’ve heard it all, so don’t think your pathetic comment is going to make her want to scribble her contact details on a napkin and give it to you, … unless you’re Brad Pitt or Clooney!

Now, I realize most men prefer to meet women in pubs… Clubs to you my nonchalant American reader! *wink, wink, nudge nudge! *

Now, if  you’re a bar scene kind of guy, next time your seedy eyes zero in on a target, don’t stare and please don’t let your jaw drop to the ground… and neither should you offer to buy her a drink!

In fact, casually walk to her and say something spontaneous and unexpected, something you wouldn’t say to your mother in Church on any given Sunday… tell her her hairstyle looks like crap and you know a guy who can fix it with tweezers, I don’t care…anything that will solicit a loud hiss from her the better! Flick her arm, make faces at her, mimic the way she talks, …anything, but please don’t tell her Heaven must be missing an Angel or anything a lame as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!

In fact, I could give you so many pointers you’d be saturated silly but, the rest is now up to you…you have to come  up with loads of creative ideas but, if that’s as tough as math, please grab yourself our seduction tips manual from the home page.

Happy hunting…