Getting women obsessed with you

Getting a woman obsessed with you is the ideal situation for any man, it means that things will happen much easier and way faster. In this article we describe what it takes to make a woman obsessed with you.


The first thing you need to know is: you got to have the ultimate swagger, the ultimate confidence

If you don’t got that then you’re not getting to the sex part. Period.
The only way t get in swagger mode is by being on your purpose and feeling great about yourself.

That’s were that confidence and swagger will come from, it ain’t gonna come from thin air, it comes from selft improvment, hitting the gym and getting your shit togheter, this will give you the confindence to feel like “Man, I got options” which gives you the confidence to not take a woman’s shit, and not taking it comes across as confident.
So, when she’ll test you, you will have the balls to stand up to her because you’re thinking “Man, I look good, I feel good, I’m doing good for myself, I’m not gonna take your shit”.
Confidence gotta be swag !

No matter who you are, unless you are a rich celebrity, the man will almost always have to do all the persuiting in the beginning, unless a woman has crazy high initial interest, we’re talking at least 80, if less then 80 you are going to be the one doing most of the persuiting.
You can also test her interest level using this, if you have a woman who is never calling you during the week her interest is pretty low, if you have a woman texting you two or three times in the first week then you have a woman who’s interest in you is very high, more precisely 80+, this means that just the way you are, your attitude, when she’s looking at you she gets a tingle in her pus*y, it’s nothing you can do about it, it just means that you as you are, your image, your attitude and swag just does It for her.
Now, let’s assume that the woman doesn’t have high initial interest, as an average guy, you will need to know that most men will have to do all the persuiting at the beginning, this means a period of approximately two to maximum three weeks, and this is where a lot of guys fuck up, they fuck up by backing up way to soon.
Let’s say that you’re texting a woman once a week to go out on a date, and say that after one or two weeks she starts texting you a few messages, don’t believe that she’s persuing you now, it doesn’t mean that! She won’t switch from being persued into the pursuer in a fast time, you have to slowly back away so the dynamics go like this, at first, you’re doing 100 persuing and she’s not doing any persuing, then, she will start to persue a little, and then you come down to once a week, and hers will grow steadily. So, you always do once a week no matter what and hers will increase gradually, so, as her interest raises until she will be persuing you every day.

She’s going to be calling to check on you almost daily, once it gets to 100 that’s when you back up !

Don’t back up until she is hitting you every day.

If you backup to soon, before she developed an emotional attachment to you she will back up or lose interest!

You have to wait until she has 100 interest in you, don’t back up until she is initiating contact every day!

If you back up before she will be at 100 it’s way to soon.

Now, there was a time when, if you had sex with a woman that was all the emotional investment needed from a woman in order to persue you because she was thinking “hey, i gave this guy my body” so, she’s feeling like she is invested to get more, get a relationship.

Nowadays, 2018, a woman will fuck with you, you’l call her next week and she don’t want to see you no more because you didn’t make her cum. So this doesn’t work anymore. So, what you have to do these days is that you have to get her emotionally attached to chasing your VALIDATION.

VALIDATION – the reason a woman wants your validation is because if you never give her your validation she will not feel good enough, that has nothing to do with you, that is her ego that won’t let her be. Her ego don’t want to accept the defeat.

Most women date guys who worship the ground they walk on so when they meet a guy that makes them feel low, it can’t be and they can’t take it and they are determined to get your validation. They can’t stand to loose.

So, she’s not obsessed with chasing you, she’s obsessed with chasing your validation, she’s thinking “this guy is not acting like he needs me”.

Never give a girl your VALIDATION !

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