Get Ex Girlfriend Back in 10 Quick Steps

Long term relationships are not without bad times and it is not surprising if your girlfriend says that she is leaving you. Relationships are among the most delicate and toughest things on this planet. Sometimes even trivial things can break close and intimate relationships and on the other hand some relationships may stand spendthrift turmoil of time. Once you see that your girl friend has left you there is always an option to get ex girlfriend back.

If you play your cards tactfully then you will find that it is extremely easy to get ex girlfriend back. Actually it is all about that emotional bound that once existed between you and your ex girlfriend that will bring you back together in just a blink of eye. There are few things that you must take care of while trying to get ex girlfriend back as there is a strong contradiction between the psychology of male and female so the thing that might appear applicable to you may not appear the same way to your ex.

You can get ex girlfriend by going through this step by step instruction guide that will allow you to enter the female mentality through the loop holes described by well known relationship psychologist from all around the world.

Step 1

If you want to get ex girlfriend back then you must convince yourself to leave her alone. Yes, this is the first step of the quest to get ex girlfriend back. If you will give your girlfriend her space and plenty of time to think about the recent breakup then most like things may automatically settle down with time. And it is of no surprise if ex girlfriend calls you herself one day to go out for a dinner.

Step 2

Identify the reason behind the breakup. This is among the first few things that you need to do while planning to get ex girlfriend back. You can get ex girlfriend back only when you know the reason why she has left you. The thing is simple, «you can not treat a disease unless you have a diagnosis.» It means that you need to be logical and read between the lines and the hidden meanings behind her words.

Step 3

Do not try to contact her. As previously said these things may not appear logical to a male but the fact is that this is something that really works. You not trying to contact her will make her think that you are either too much upset or you do not care at all. In either way she will think as if she has lost something valuable.

Step 4

Make yourself strong and do not get shatter. This is something easy to say but if your really want to get ex girlfriend back then you need to have a big heart. Being dejected and loosing all your hope is not something that is going to help you in this matter. Be hopeful and keep your fingers crossed that you might get ex girlfriend back very soon.

Step 5

Act normal. This is also a difficult thing to do and definitely you will have to ‘act’ normally for a first couple of weeks. Then the things might appear normal and you will get used to it. Your acting normal will make your ex think that this breakup has brought more loss to her rather then you. So, she will start thinking the other way and your value will increase in her eyes.

Step 6

Try a make over. If you want to get ex girlfriend back then you have to work on almost similar lines while you are trying to attract a new girl. You need to dress gracefully and act confidently. This is the personal grooming and the confidence in a man’s personality that make them attractive to girls. Yours being adorable will remind her all the good things in you and she will definitely try to be with you again.

Step 7

Never disgrace yourself by saying ‘sorry’ again and again. This is one the most common mistakes that people make in an attempt to get ex girlfriend back. You doing this will make you responsible for the breakup and the hard time that you two are having. Moreover, this shall decrease you value in her eyes and she may lose interest in getting you back as no one expects to have a good relationship with the one who pleads all the time

Step 8

Do not get vanished but do not try to catch her eyes. You going to her place or her institute will leave a negative impression. The better option is to roam around at public places where you expect her to be. Getting yourself locked in your room is not going to help you to get ex girlfriend back. You can only get ex girlfriend back when she knows that you are around her and are available.

Step 9

Do not try to raise the old points and start the blame game once you ever have a chance to meet her. You need to act friendly and just start with formal conversation. Just ask her what she is doing these days and how are her parents. Never ever think about discussing the bad times that you had together. Leave the wounds to heals this is the only way to get ex girlfriend back.

Step 10

The last step in the quest to get ex girlfriend back is to make her remind the good times that you two had together. After sharing a few formal words it is better to discussed about the good memories and the placed that you had visited together. May be the next day you will be able to ask her out for a dinner.

As evident from the above mentioned step by step guidance the procedure to get ex girlfriend back is not difficult at all. All you need is determination and strong will power. If you are able to control the turbulence of your emotions after a breakup the then you can always expect to get ex girlfriend back quite easily.