First Date Mistakes to Avoid


Bragging about yourself

This is probably the most common.

You o out with her and you let her know that you are the boss, you do this, you do that, everybody listens to you.

By doing this – she has nothing left to ask you and you lost all your mistery.

Please remember that she has to do 80% of the talking on a date, you achieve this by asking her questions and letting her respond, not by telling her how awesome you are and leaving no time for her to talk about herself.


Dressing mistakes

Don’t come half-naked – I know, you have muscles and you must show them off each time you meet someone.

Think about it, she will defenetly notice that you have muscles – but – will she notice anything else?

Is this all you have? Muscles?

Also, your clothes have to be clean.



Behaviour mistakes

You don’t want to be fighting with someone when on a date, don’t get cought up in a traffic fight because you left for the date and now you’re doing something totaly different and more importantly – it wasn’t in your initial plan! So you’ve deviated from your plan and goul and started doing something else.

Now, if you really don’t have a choise that’s it, you can forget about the date and do the more important stuff, in general this case is very rare.


Body Language mistakes

Communication is 30% verbal and 70% non-verbal.

What does this mean?

It means that you communicate both with your moth and with your body at the same time.

Interestingly enough is that science proved that most of communication between humans is non-verbal, meaning that it comes from your body gestures, your face gestires and your standing position.

This is very important.

This is why we always advocate that you should just shut up sometimes and let your body language do the job. Even if you are not moving you are transmitting something – that you are calm, not in a hurry, confident.

Common body language mistakes include:

  • a lot of gestures with your hands
  • anoiyng ticks (for example moving your leg)
  • not having an up-right manly position – this transmits that you are not an Alpha Male