Dealing with religious women

! Disclaimer: please note that i am atheist and i do not like or dislike one religion in favour of another, be it any religion, including Christians (Eastern Orthodox and/or Western Orthodox and/or any other), Islam (Shia and/or Sunni and/or any other), Buddhism, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindu, Folk and many others.

Please note that the materials on this site may be applied on women anywhere on the globe but depending on your country’s specific religious and political rules and laws it may not be legal or moral to do as this websites writes about. I am from Europe where, everybody knows, and i am not proud of it, there is no more dignity anymore, no more morals with regards to dating, respect, loyaty and other moral values which in other parts of the world may still be a society standard of living.

Now, going back to the subject:

Maybe you have noticed that some women are very religious, they prey all day, they eat vegan and they fallow a mind blowing number of rules dictated by the religion that they believe in, the church being the institution that enforces religious beliefs and rules.

For instance, by the church of Romania, which is Crhistian East Orthodox, as a woman you are not allowed to have sex before the wedding, obviously this is bad news for dating since it is going to be almost impossible to have sex with a religious woman without first having to marry her, which, let’s be real, if you are a normal man, you will never propose without first having sex with her.

Religious Women have Rules

Weather you want do admit it or not, religious women follow rules, rules created and enforced by the church and their religion.

Why is this important for me?

It is important for you to know that these women will be a much harder challenge, this means it will take you a lot more time to have sex with her, if you ever will.

Religious Women may not eat meat

Some religious women refuse to eat meat of any kind.

They have been brainwashed by their church, priests, clerics and other entities that told her that meat is not good to eat, that it may cause cancer and other religious motives.

The problem with not eating meat is that you take her out to a restaurant – you cannot feed her a steak, she may accept wine but let”s be serious, you can’t drink wine with a salad.

So, no meat and no wine – good luck tonight in bed.


You have to go to church

No you don’t, stop waiting your time and find a normal woman who’s mind is not brainwashed by religion and/or church.

In the end, if you are not a religious person whoy would you go out with one?

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