Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You – Read His Mind

They say story does not end at a breakup. This is the time when story starts. Many people have strong feelings of love for their ex after an unexpected breakup. Transient emotional disharmony can lead you to such a situation when you and your ex are still in love with each other but are unable […]

Getting Over a Breakup – 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make

Getting over a breakup has never been easy. No matter how strong you are; for a moment you feel like you are the most unfortunate person in this whole planet. The bitterness of life makes you more and more grim and withered with every passing moment.  Getting over a breakup is difficult for sure but […]

Why Men Pull Away. Part 2

Why men pull away: Stop it by avoiding the things that destroy attraction: Do you still ask yourself why men pull away?one of the things you need to master is  to learn how attraction is created and destroyed. Has it ever happened to you before? You met a man and everything went well, you guys […]

Why Men Pull Away. Part 1

Have you ever been bothered why men pull away from the women they love at a point where the women are making serious  efforts to get closer to them? Forget all the funny  and  dumb excuses they may offeras reasons why men pull away. Men out there are looking for that special women to experience […]

How to Uncover Real Men Online Whilst Avoiding all the Boys!

We now live in a digital age, where it’s virtually impossible not to have an online dating profile of some sorts! Whilst I do love online dating, it has its limitations, like the person in the picture being 20 years younger than the man you go and meet in person! That being said, if the […]

How to Approach a Potential Boyfriend

A guided visualization into the minds of Men! A couple of years ago I did a retail stint at Macy’s, in the fragrance department! As you can imagine, the fragrance department receives all sorts of customers, from the lonely business executive lady searching for a specific perfume that attracts men, to men, some merely curious, […]

Secrets to How to Get a Boyfriend

First off, this lens is dedicated to my Mom, my favorite bestie and companion, the fearless teacher who has taught me pretty much everything about life, including how to get a hot boyfriend and keeping one for that matter. After all, if it’s not a hot boyfriend you’re after, what else is there to occupy […]